About My Work

How to Get Support

Please don't use my Twitter when requesting more complex support assistance.
It's very inconvenient, slows down responses and sometimes I may ignore your requests completely!
You can use it for short suggestions or when you want to say your immediate feedback.

I have separate e-mails and web pages for every bigger tweak, especially for paid ones.
Here is the list of them (please try to use google for others not specified here):

- AssistantExtensions | Web: http://ae.k3a.me | Email: ae(at)k3a.me
- SpeakEvents | Web: http://se.k3a.me | Email: se(at)k3a.me
- OctopusKeyboard | Web: http://ok.k3a.me | Email: ok(at)k3a.me

For everything else, official and pre-releases, please use support(at)k3a.me.
When talking about pre-releases, please mention that in your support request.


I am keeping changelogs for all releases.
You can find them on official websites or here:

http://k3a.me/chlogs/ae.htm for AssistantExtensions
http://k3a.me/chlogs/se.htm for SpeakEvents
... etc ...