OctopusKeyboard Changelog

Versions marked as "pre-release" are alpha/beta testing versions often found on my repo http://k3a.me/c/.
For all tweaks installed from my repo please use pre(at)k3a.me email for sending any suggestions or complains.
Any other way of communication may be ignored for pre-release builds!!

- fixed a problem with non-latin characters
- open-sourced ( see https://github.com/k3a/OctopusKeyboard )

1.0.5-12 : pre-release
- fixed occasional problem with license validation (unexpected server response)
- faster suggestions' response
- swipeselection compatibility fixes
- unfinished user dictionary editing
- ability to change colors
- new dictionaries
- new bug introduced breaking non-latin characters

1.0.4-11 : official
- sorry I don't have changelogs from that time
- it was a usable version though

- iOS 5.1 compatibility
- language preference (when using autodetection, prefers languages in specified order)
- ability to suppress the original sound (other than Mail/SMS, those can be disabled in System settings)
- normalized voice volumes (all voices should be equally loud)
- stops speaking when you open the app for which the notification is spoken
- custom announcements (users can customize the text which will be spoken for each event)
- fixed language detection for music artist/title
- ability to disable body shortening
- several bugfixes (language detection, caller name, ...)
- compatibility with Awesome Music Controller
- fixed compatibility with latest Notificator
- should not repeat the same notifications in <60 seconds

- Speaks directions in Maps app + ability to automatically advance using your GPS location
- PowerAlerter compatibility fix
- Ability to set device volume instead of speech synthesis volume
- Selected voice is now preferred when Spanish or Portuguese is detected
- bugfix: Sometimes speaks number instead of caller name
- Always speaks in bluetooth accessory (ignores silent mode)
- Enable/disable announcing incoming calls
- Ability to announce time when reading alarm name
- Enable/Disable speaking of all Notificator actions (no need to select apps for it now)

- bugfix: Clicking anywhere in the "Speak" section of Settings shows hour selection.
- bugfix: Time reading does not make background music continue playing
- bugfix: SpeakEvents causes music/system volume to be low
- bugfix: Sometimes reads a phone number for incoming calls even when the caller is in Contacts
- a few small bug fixes
- improved language detection
- "in headphones only" option now works for bluetooth headphone/headset as well
- feature: Phone number read as digits for incoming calls
- feature: MusicBanners, NowPlaying support (reads artist and title of music)
- feature: SBSettings toggle
- feature: highly improved "Send diagnostic logs" for crash/problem reporting

- bugfix: japanese/korean language auto-detect caused crashes
- bugfix: does not read reminders
- bugfix: old notifications has been read (e.g. after respring)
- bugfix: speaks when in call
- bugfix: speaks when in Siri
- bugfix: time not read at the right time
- feature: Notificator support
- feature: activator support: speak time, enable speaking, disable speaking, stop speaking, repeat last
- feature: finished/new localizations: Arabic, German, Turkey, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese
- feature: speak time every 60/30/15 minutes
- feature: speaks system alarm and timers
- feature: will not speak is some other app is recording audio/video
- feature: bluetooth headset support - this one correctly pauses BG music and resumes it afterwards!!
- feature: option to speak only when locked
- feature: volume, speed and voice selection settings
- feature: settings what to do if there are more notifications at the time
- feature: speaks incoming calls (phonetic name if possible)
- feature: reads common text smileys like :), :(, :\, ...
- feature: removes double sequences from bodies like -- ==
- feature: delay before speaking
- feature: military/standard time switch
- feature: language auto-detection also for subjects
- feature: global enable/disable
- workaround: do not speak when in Skype app