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On this page you can find some of the projects I have worked on. I worked on more projects and websites (I always make websites for my products myself), but I decided to publish only the most interesting projects here. Also tons of scripts and tools are not discussed here.

Projects are sorted from the most recent to the oldest.

I decided to write some comments as well. Everything may look short and simple, but these are years and years of working and gaining skills and I learnt a lot by working on these projects!

Plague Inc.

At Develion, I started working on Plague for a man from UK called James. Unfortunately, Develion had broken up before this game was finished. But I stayed in contact with James and decided to continue the development anyway. After almost half a year, the game was released and became very popuplar (#1 US paid app on the AppStore)!


iOS Jailbreak Tweaks

I started working on iOS tweaks for jailbroken phones and it became one of the most interesting work I had done. I really love changing the system and the way how it is used, adding new features, shortcuts or new functionality. That’s why I developed several project people really love to use! My tweaks have been downloaded hundreds of thousands times!

SpeakEvents – speakable notifications for iOS with many exciting features
AssistantExtensions – Plugin system for extending Siri virtual assistant
Octopus Keyboard – Predictive keyboard add-on for iOS


iOS Applications – Develion and Right After It

At Develion I worked on a C++ game engine from scratch, a puzzle game and several smaller apps. After I stopped working for Develion (they decided not to have iOS development studio anymore – crazy) I started working on my own projects from home. There was one problem though – I still had to finish one game I was working on before leaving Develion and I also started a puzzle game with ex-collegue. Too much work at that time! But I became highly interested in the jailbreak community and tweak development.


iOS App – Finalizing work on

I was asked to finish the app for
It was mostly about fixing bugs, finishing functionality for creating and editing notes and integrating a premium service upgrade.


iOS Applications – Freelance

In this section there are some simpler iOS application I worked on mostly for myself or as a freelancer. There is also Fractal app which was done as an assignment before getting a job at Develion.


Polar Fishing – iOS Game

Our team decided that it wouldn’t be smart to continue on the desktop/console game at the time of iPhone and mobile games’ boom. This was the first mobile game I had worked on. I did not do all programming work on this, my teammate Petr Pavlik worked on the game part and Bada port. This game was not very successful and it broke our team. As a result, me and Petr found a new job at local mobile software companies. So it wasn’t that bad in the end.


Painkiller: Resurrection – Renderer Upgrade

It was during holidays when Ivan Ertlov asked me to help his team add support for normal mapping to the renderer of the Painkiller: Resurrection game. I had had some skills from our engine so I accepted it and implemented radiosity normal mapping into the Painkiller engine. It was great time to work with a distant colleagues and I enjoyed Skype text discussions with their very skilled 3D artist. It was hard work but it worked fine in the end. Unfortunately, the engine hadn’t been created for such big maps as in the new Painkiller and adding this new feature caused unacceptably low framerate and 3x more lightmap texture memory (3 lightmaps for tangent basis are needed for radiosity normal mapping) and there were was no one who could rewrite the visibility optimization code. This was the reason my work did’t make it into the final release. At least I have some screenshots.


Panther3D I Upgrade

Our team was renamed to Reversity Studios. Because the game needed a more dynamic environment and better materials we decided to implement shader support. After some time it looked great and post-processing effects made by my collegue Martin Berdak were awesome. Unfortunately, at the time we wanted to implement dynamic shadows we realized that the engine depends on Windows too much and BSP maps are limiting (lightmap and PVS computation was horribly slow). We also had only one level designer and in fact only one good 3D artist. The situation around the project didn’t look very promising, so our programmer Martin decided to leave and our team would have ended if the new programmer hadn’t come. Fortunately, we found a new member – Petr Pavlik, who worked with me on the Panther3D II engine that was intended to be multi-platform. After a year of work there were some internal problems in the engine – we wanted to implement some pretty advance features (such as separating rendering from updating into different threads) which caused the project to stall. After some time we realized we were unable to finish it ourselves but we had learned a lot for future work.


Panther3D I Engine and Shadows of Death Game

After some time using TrueVision3D, I found it limiting. It didn’t allow manipulating the internal BSP map structures and without it it was impossible to use BSP maps in a bigger game. The implementation of BSP maps in TV3D was more like a “viewer” than an “API”. That’s why I decided to learn C/C++. I started with DirectX tutorials and samples and found some BSP loader sample code on the internet. I realized that it is not so difficult and started to improving that BSP loader sample and I slowly transformed it into my own game engine. It allowed me to use the whole power of BSP maps and I even implemented some new features to Bthe SP compiler and map format (per-vertex deluxels, more entity events and reactions). At that time our team was renamed to 7thSquad, we found new members and the first maps saw the light.


Simple Unfinished Game on TrueVision3D Engine

I always wanted to make applications but Yza had been working on games so I also became interested in game development. I liked 3D games much more than 2D games and as many other beginers I thought I would learn everything and make my first 3D game in a short time. Because I didn’t have any 3D programming skills at that time, I selected the TrueVision3D engine as a start point and used some assets from Counter-Strike. It was my first 3D experience.


Visual Basic Applications

This is where it all started. After getting my first computer and playing some games I became interested in programming. The first time I saw something about programming was in a book about FoxPro. It was possible to make a dialog there and write some conditions and it amazed me. I wanted to learn C/C++ but it was kind of hard for me. Later my good friend (unknown at that time) Vit Haratek (Yza) met me in the school canteen and introduced himself. At that time he had been programming games in Visual Basic with his team Myasoft and I decided to learn programming applications in Visual Basic and form my own team Megasoft, later renamed to 7thSquad.

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    Interesting story i actually hot here because of you i found you in plauge:Hi there,
    looks like you are sniffing in the game bundle!
    I am 16 years old and i really want to learn more about programming i don’t program myself just sniff around trying to modify the apps i cheated a bit on plague because i couldn’t win in normal with one of the viruses i guess its a bug because it said business as usual and that it wasent noticed but they worked on a cure with maximum fundings
    I also changed Sweden to have 9999999999 well as long as it could be written

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