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RC5 device addressees and commands are partly “standardized”

March 5th, 2018 6 comments

During my attempt to program an Atmel micro-controller to act as a remote controller sending RC5 commands, the original remote suddenly stopped sending the correct Standby code to the device and I noticed device ID part of the RC5 frame has changed from 0x10 into 0x11. I accidentally switched the original remote to a mode for a different type of appliance! I realized that after I found a nice PDF from Freescale semiconductor showing a table with common device IDs and command IDs.

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Telegram emoji list with codes and descriptions

February 1st, 2018 19 comments

After almost 2 years of using Telegram, I finally discovered that it is possible to enter emoji using its name after “:” character. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any complete list of available emojis anywhere, so I had to dig deep into the Telegram desktop source code to generate it.

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Controlling Micronova pellet stove motherboard – Stufe a pellet Aria Idro IR telecomando seriale

October 18th, 2015 232 comments

Here is how to control a pellet stove with a Micronova controller remotely either via IR commands or using the serial line.

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Reverse-Engineering DVR Protocol

July 19th, 2014 No comments

Just a quick report of me trying to find out how DVR sends video data to the viewer over the network.

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Parsing XML and HTML using Perl and LibXML

May 31st, 2013 No comments

I used to parse HTML data using regular expressions and XML documents using xml parsers which normally parsed documents into arrays and hashes (key-value pairs).

But this time, I needed to retrieve only specific nodes of an XML document with some specific attribute. To do this, I could retrieve all nodes and then go through all records and use some conditions to get only those I am interested in or use some clever, modern solution. And this is where libXML stepped in.

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Using Regular Expressions

November 10th, 2012 No comments

In my opinion, regular expressions are one of the most useful things in general programming and are one of my secret weapons. I use them very often for parsing data from web pages, parsing out language strings from game code (for internationalizing the game), modifying and processing text files, processing output of various utilities like the “svn” terminal client. I mostly use Ruby or Perl for these as they offer various other cool features for text processing (and Perl is super-fast as well).

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GameCenter error “The requested operation has been cancelled.” explanation

October 26th, 2012 No comments

This post is dedicated to iOS developers.

When using the following method:
[GKLocalPlayer localPlayer] authenticateWithCompletionHandler:…]

You may get “The requested operation has been cancelled.” error while trying to authenticate the user to the GameCenter.

Don’t worry. This happens after you cancel GameCenter log in request three times and click to “Disable GameCenter” button. You may have done that during testing.

To make it working again, just open GameCenter app and sign in there.


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